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      �胎钮长"Aye, aye!" shouted the confederates, "that will do—that is the first thing that must be done."尾た"I don't understand your lordship," at length tremblingly articulated Mary.茜哇Ыゥ藜


      Richard looked upon the pomp and circumstance around him with all the pleasure and vanity of a boy, turning every moment with some laughing sally addressed to his uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, who rode by his side, or, more frequently, to the young Earl of Arundel, the newly-installed marshal of England. These were followed by Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who had so recently resigned the office of lord marshal, Sir John Burleigh, lord chamberlain, the Earls of Oxford, Kent, Buckingham, &c.ぅれいぅ遄ボ�ィ蕙━セょ�岢欹补氦い沦

      "Oh, father!" said she, raising up her eyes, that were filled with tears; "it is not for myself—it is for him."い"Peace, babblers!" interrupted Calverley: "my lord shall hear how his retainers act when a seditious shaveling is inciting the villeins to revolt. Are you afraid of meddling with Stephen Holgrave?" he added, looking, with a sneer, at the first speaker.イねい"First.—The king shall be required to free all bondmen."茎耋いブペ驻

      "It is false!" he replied, "no human law have I violated, and to no man's capricious tyranny will I submit."─堀ぜ"Prepare yourself then, lady," said Sir Robert, and he resumed his seat.急超镤丞�いレ陇啷


      "Aye, ye may soon sleep your last sleep. They will have at ye in the morning; for the proud barons are gathering their might; but, by St. Nicholas! I may do something yet. Yes, there will be more blood—I see it;—I must have an order to behead the lords; and then, if Richard will be king of the commons, and no more lords or bondage, father John himself could not wish for more."ぅ豌ゥBut this burst of indignation soon passed away, and upon the suggestion of the prudent Sir Robert Hailes, he sent an evasive answer, with a command that the Commons should attend him at Windsor on the Sunday following.モい�ゴい窑蕙

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      "Alas!" said Lucy, "I am not sinless."ぷ违が钞んThe monk started.扦The extreme agitation of Wells, although it surprised Holgrave, by no means displeased him;—be sympathy ever so extravagant, still, generally speaking, it is gratifying; and Holgrave, at that moment, would have laid down his life in defence of the man who could feel so keenly.ゥょ宠


      "What! Gloucester?"哧ぅぅフ囟ソThe surprise, indeed, was not confined to the individuals who sat at the upper table; gradually, as the purport of Sir Robert's words was whispered about, did the hall become hushed, and the eyes of those who sat below, and of those who were in attendance, were fixed with a kind of painful expectation upon the baron's guest. The domestics, however, were not so entirely engrossed by Sir Robert as to be wholly unmindful of Calverley; and significant nods and smiles were exchanged, as they saw, or fancied they saw, evidences of extreme agitation in the steward. After a few minutes' expectation, John Byles and his wife were ushered in by the page.ぅ盖ゥ�浦┍

      �诠ぬ"Sir leader," cried the mayor, boiling with rage, and approaching Tyler, "ride not so close to his grace, it ill becomes such as you to ride or speak so in the king's presence."窑い�ぅ豫偿セイぅ

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